Fordhook Farm Heirlooms


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Heirloom garden favorites proven for generations.

Burpee's Fordhook Farm, in operation since the late 19th century, has introduced many of America's favorite heirlooms. Our team of experienced horticulturalists hand-picked this premium collection of vegetable, flower and herb seeds rooted in garden history.

Fordhook Farm



‘Cactus Flowered Mix’

Breakthrough heirloom zinnia with striking quilled petals. Mixed flowers in orange, cream, yellow and rose are perfect for cutting.

‘Moon and Stars’

A popular pick from 1926 to today. Medium-sized melons have sweet flesh and deep-green skin with distinctive yellow speckles.

‘San Marzano’

Aromatic Italian paste variety beloved by chefs around the globe. This tomato heirloom is a favorite for sauces and canning.

‘Brad's Atomic Grape’

Elongated cherry tomatoes pop with color at every stage, from purple and olive-green to a striped red. Great flavor and crack resistance.

‘Mamie Brown's’

Named after a West Virginia grandmother who always grew them, these pink beefsteaks have a just-right balance of sweetness and acidity.

‘Heirloom Blend’

Grow an abundant crop of deep-green ‘Black Beauty’ zucchini and lemon-yellow ‘Early Prolific Straightneck’ summer squash.


A kitchen garden staple with roots that are bright scarlet on top and white-tipped on the bottom. 1” orbs have crisp, snappy flavor.

‘Connecticut Field’

First grown by Native Americans, this centuries-old variety is the original Halloween pumpkin. Great for carving and pies.
Sweet Pepper

‘Chinese Giant’

Introduced by Burpee in 1900, this flavorsome heirloom was the largest bell pepper of its day. Dark green to red fruits are 4-6” long.


Legendary shelling pea with sweet flavor and impressive productivity, even in warm weather. Enjoy 7-8 medium-sized peas per pod.

‘Italian Torpedo’

Sweet and tender, this heirloom from Italy’s Calabrian region is a culinary treasure. Best suited to long and intermediate-day areas.

‘Star of David’

ld-fashioned okra with thick, bright-green pods and deep, distinctive grooves. When cut, slices resemble stars. Best picked at 3” long.
Mixed Flowers

‘Fragrant Flower Mix’

A sweetly scented assortment of blooms. Soft colors and striking textures create a beautiful display in the summer garden.


Originating in western France around 1920, this small round melon is wonderfully sweet with smooth texture and enticing fragrance.

‘Sunset Giants Mixed Colors’

Dazzling blend of heirloom marigolds in orange, gold and lemon yellow. Tall-growing stems with huge blossoms 5” across or more.


Crisp, bright-green leaves are flecked with crimson. This heirloom romaine is a delicious and gorgeous addition to salad mixes.

‘Double Curled’

Longtime herb garden favorite with closely curled dark-green leaves. Beautiful as a border plant and delicious as a culinary garnish.


Shiny, oversized green leaves are extra fragrant and much larger than other basil varieties. Use to flavor pesto, salads and pizza.


With short vines, this heirloom bush variety is ideal for growing in smaller spaces. Reliable and prolific, even in cooler temperatures.


Light on seeds and big on crunch, this heavily ribbed, pale-green cuke is most flavorful when picked at 12” long. Great for pickling.

‘Red Cored Chantenay’

Introduced in 1929, this golden-orange carrot is delightfully sweet and easy to grow. Short, thick roots 5 ½” long store well.

‘Lutz Green Leaf, Winter Keeper’

Terrific for storage, this old-fashioned beet retains sweetness for a long time. Glossy green leaves and huge, deep-red roots.
Garden Bean

‘Triomphe De Farcy’

A bush-type French filet bean, this heirloom variety yields early and heavy crops. Slender, crunchy pods grow 3-6” long.
Garden Bean

‘Roma II’

Timeless Italian bush bean with robust flavor and tender texture. Compact plants yield a bounty of wide, flat, stringless green pods.

‘Love Lies Bleeding’

A cottage garden gem with cascading wine-red seed heads and long-lasting color. Adds intrigue to borders and floral arrangements.